Celebrating 50 Years of
Family Ownership & Operation

For fifty years, Electro Brand, Inc. has provided personalized service, product sourcing and development in the consumer electronics industry.  Long-term relationships with quality manufacturers and commitment to distributors, catalogs, direct sales and retail customers, has earned us our reputation for customer loyalty, product quality and integrity.



A trio of brands, including our flagship ELECTRO BRAND, guides our mission to provide specialized, value-rich audio and video products to suit many channel needs, as well as consumer lifestyles. 

ELECTRO BRAND is the legacy brand known for value, simple functionality and reliable quality electronics for everyday entertainment.

ENCORE is a step-up brand consisting of multi-featured, multi-functional home audio systems designed especially for catalog and direct response,  a specialty line ranging from nostalgic to contemporary designs.

iTrak with Encore is an emerging brand that combines the best of all attributes:  value, sleek designs, and sound-enhancing systems.   Made for iPod and iPhone devices, iTrak is a perfect match for evolving digital music trends, at an affordable price.

Whether it is Made for iPod/iPhone, home stereo systems with turntables, multifunctional home theater systems or portable listening products, Electro Brand, Inc. has an UNBEATABLE COMBINATION of brands, value, pricing, diverse selection, quality and consumer warranty.