Multipoint Speakerphone

Model: BT3000

Bluetooth Multi-point Support

Allows for the connectivity via Bluetooth of two phones at the same time, connect your work phone and your personal phone without needing to disconnect one or the other.


Echo/Noise Cancellation

All ambient noise on your end and noise from the caller's end are decreased and almost non-existent.


Rechargeable Battery

Integrated Lithium Battery means you do not need to buy batteries every time the power runs out, simply plug into a USB supported recharger and you'll be good to go.


Amazing Accessories

Included with this package is a clip to attach the device to your sun visor as well as a car adapter USB charger so you never run out of power on those long road trips.

Bluetooth Multipoint Support

Echo and Noise Cancellation

Supports Memory of 8 Devices

Rechargeable Battery

Talk Time Up To 18 Hours

Charging Time Up To 3 Hours

USB Car Charger

Sun Visor Clip

  • Unit Dimensions: 4.65" x 1.81" x 0.63"
  • UPC: 0-89081-03000-7
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