3 Piece Home System

Model: BT9892

3-Piece Home Stereo with Bluetooth, CD Player and PLL FM Radio

Bring home the entertainment with this all-inclusive 3-pc home stereo system.  Keep your collections CDs and MP3 audio forever and play them whenever you want.


Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Play your favorite music from any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices through this powerful soundbar.  Synching your mobile or other Bluetooth device with this speaker is very fast and extremely simple.  Only need to Synch the device once and it will be ready for all future uses.

CD Player

20-track programmable CD changer plays in your desired sequence or random play.


FM PLL Digital Radio Tuner with Presets

Scan and save your favorite radio stations with reliable clarity.


Preset Equalizer

Customizes your listening experience with optimal sound quality and adjustments to suit personal preferences


Speaker Color Effect

Set the speakers to flash different colors as your music is being played or turn the color effect off altogether.


Remote Control

Sit back, relax and listen with all the controls at your fingertips from across the room

Bluetooth Connection for Wireless Streaming

200 Watts of Total Power

Front Loading CD Player

PLL FM Radio with Presets

1A USB Socket for Cell Phone Charging

3 Way Speakers with Luminous Color Effects

5 Preset Equalizer System

LCD Clock with Blue Backlight

Remote Control

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