Nostalgia Gramophone Music Center

Model: BT9840

  • Nostalgia Gramophone Music Center

    5-in-1 Vertical Home Stereo Nostalgic Music System

    evisit the past and marvel at the beauty and warmth of this retro chic music system.  Capable of playing any format from your vast collections of years past and digital files of today, this multi-functional tabletop design boasts two built-in full-range speakers.


    Bluetooth Wireless Speaker


    Play your favorite music from any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices through this powerful soundbar.  Synching your mobile or other Bluetooth device with this speaker is very fast and extremely simple.  Only need to Synch the device once and it will be ready for all future uses.


    3-Speed Turntable

    Allows playback of all your favorite LPs, regardless of the speed.


    USB-to-Computer Recording


    Convert from Vinyl to Digital directly to your PC or Mac computer via USB cable and simple audio software, both included.


    AM/FM Stereo Analog Tuning Radio

    Lock into your favorite radio stations with reliable clarity


    CD Player


    20-track programmable player lets you decide desired sequence or random play

    Classic Design with Real Wood Finish and Decorative Gramophone

    3 Speed Turntable with Auto-Return

    Bluetooth Compatible for Wireless Streaming

    AM/FM Radio and Drawer CD Player

    USB Record-to-PC

    Headphone Jack

    RCA Line-out Jacks

    Two High Performance Speakers

    • Master Carton Dimensions: 18.89" x 19.50" x 18.89"
    • Master Carton Quantity: 1
    • Unit Dimensions: 16.53" x 12.32" x 18.90"
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