Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Model: BT37

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Play your favorite music from any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices through this powerful soundbar.  Synching your mobile or other Bluetooth device with this speaker is very fast and extremely simple.  Only need to Synch the device once and it will be ready for all future uses.


Auxiliary Input

Plug and play an MP3 player or iPod® device (not included) to front input for another option to access your digital music files.


Rechargeable Battery

Integrated Lithium Battery means you do not need to buy batteries every time the power runs out, simply plug into a USB supported recharger and you'll be good to go.


 Bluetooth Compatible for Wireless Streaming

Auxiliary-in Jack

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Micro USB Cable for Charging Included

  • Unit Dimensions: 3.46" x 3.35" x 1.81"
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